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Cash advance

Cash advance is cash withdrawal through a payment card via a mechanical imprinter at the bank's outlets.

VÚB Bank accepts MasterCard and VISA payment cards via the cash advance service.


We offer the sale and purchase of foreign currency free of charge. VÚB Bank also offers so-called seasonal currencies year round - Hungarian forint, Polish zloty, Croatian kuna and the Bulgarian lev.

In the framework of the services, we offer:

  • immediate purchase of the currencies listed in the bank's exchange rate list
  • the sale of cash in a foreign currency
  • purchase of bank and traveler's checks
  • converting from one foreign currency to another foreign currency
  • purchase of a damaged banknote in a foreign currency
  • purchase of old banknotes in a foreign currency
  • changing of banknotes in a foreign currency

For more information on a specific currency, nominal value and so on please visit the VÚB Bank branch or contact the Contact service at 0850 123 000.


Services provided at the cash office and service workplaces

  • Ordinary form of deposit on an account and withdrawal from the account in banknotes and coins
  • Changing cash

Deposit and withdrawal in sealed packaging

The service is recommended for regular deposits or withdrawal for a large number of banknotes or coins. The cash is processed comfortably at the bank without your presence. The service is provided under a special contract.l

The advantages of the service:

  • Operative realization of the deposit and withdrawal of cash
  • Possible immediate crediting of the deposit to the account with subsequent settlement of any differences
  • In selected branches the possibility of handing in or taking over of sealed packaging in a donor box

Deposit through the night bank vault of VÚB Bank

We offer you service at selected branches that operate a night depository. At the bank, the cash from the night depository is processed comfortably without the client's presence.

The advantages of the service:

  • The possibility of deposit at any time, regardless of the operating hours of the branch
  • Fast and safe cash handover
  • The service is provided under a special contract.

Services provided by the treasury and service departments:

  • Deposit of cash (EUR, foreign currency) on the account
  • Withdrawal of cash (EUR, foreign currency) from the account Withdrawal of EUR in the amount of 10,000 EUR and the withdrawal of a foreign currency in excess of 1,000 EUR must be reported in advance within the meaning of the Publication available in each branch
  • Changing of cash (EUR, foreign currency)


The purchase of traveler's checks:

  • VÚB Bank purchases all types of travel checks issued by major financial institutions issued in different foreign currencies other than the USD currency
  • The condition of the purchase of a travel check is the sameness of the first and the counter-signature, or the presentation of the sales note