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VÚB e-Payments provide the convenient purchase of goods or services through Internet banking and Mobile banking in Internet shops around the world. Enable quick and easy purchases on your website for your clients.

Benefits offered by VÚB's e-Payment service:

  • fast and convenient purchase of goods and services for your clients
  • establishment and operation of the VÚB e-Payments service free of charge
  • online payment status information
  • immediate crediting of payments for goods or services on your account
  • e-Payments security services
  • simple implementation
  • payment information by e-mail or SMS

How I can activate the VÚB e-Payments service:

  • I have an internet shop set up
  • I have an open account at VÚB Bank
  • I will fill out the following documents:
  • I choose the method of securing the VÚB e-Payment service in the contract
  • I choose the method of sending the e-mail confirmation in the contract
  • the completed documents will be sent to the bank at the address or at the nearest branch of VÚB Bank:
  • VÚB, a.s.
    Department 49001
    Mlynské nivy 1
    829 90 Bratislava 25
  • then the bank contacts me
  • I will receive a security key generated by the bank
  • I ensure the technical solution according to the technical annex sent to me by the bank
  • and finally, I just test the service in cooperation with the bank and my service is set up

For any additional questions, please write to the e-mail address: