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Internet dealing

Internet Dealing provides clients with the ability to negotiate conversions between accounts (transferring money from one currency account to another currency), exchange rate for payment / direct debit, and the ability to negotiate a deposit from your account directly from the convenience of your office.
VÚB Internet Dealing will allow you to enjoy convenient, cheap and especially fast internet shopping without having to visit a branch office or make a phone call with a dealer. And all while ensuring maximum security.

  • the link to the real version: Internet Dealing
  • You need Internet Explorer (version 8 or higher) or Mozilla Firefox and the Java Plugin installed in your browser to use Internet Dealing. You can get the current version of the Java Plug-in on this link.
  • The procedure on how to set up the internet dealing client environment can be obtained on this link.
  • The ID Manual can be obtained on this link.
  • Contact your relationship manager.

Ing. Lukáš Žitný

tel: 02/5055 9650, fax: 02/5055 2057
mobil: 0904/755 906

Mgr. Zuzana Šikulová

tel: 02/5055 9620, fax: 02/5055 2057
mobil: 0904/758 005

Ing. Lenka Dvorská

tel: 02/5055 9610, fax: 02/5055 2057
mobil: 0904/755 500,

Ing. Róbert Jaselský 

tel: 02/5055 9630, fax: 02/5055 2057
mobil: 0904/758 023

Ing. Martin Lenko 

tel: 02/5055 9595, fax: 02/5055 2057
mobil: 0904/757 726

Ing. Gabriela Gabarová 

tel: 02/5055 9200, fax: 02/5055 2057
mobil: 0904/760 793