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The Slovak Chamber of Dentists (SKZL) and VÚB Banka have been working together since May 2005 when a partnership agreement between them was signed.

As partners, VÚB Banka has put together a special range of products and services. By identifying the needs of dentists, VÚB has modified conditions for its products to match the specific needs of this professional group as closely as possible.

The structure of products VÚB Banka offers SKZL members under special conditions include:

  • Products for individuals
  • Products for businesses

Learn about the specific advantages you have as an SKZL member:

  • At a branch near you: network of VÚB Banka branches,
  • Complete and send the contact form.

VÚB Banka is aware of how demanding your profession is, so we are ready to provide you with the services of our relationship manager, whom you can arrange to meet by completing and sending a contact form.