Investment loans from EBRD sources

VÚB, a.s. grants loans promoting energy efficiency co-financed by EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development). You can apply for investment loans within these programs:

  • MUNSEFF (Municipal Sustainable Energy Financing Facility) - with focus on energy efficiency of municipalities
  • SLOVSEFF III. (Slovakia Sustainable Energy Finance Facility) - with focus on energy efficiency in industry


VÚB, a.s. grants loans promoting energy efficiency co-financed by EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) as a part of Slovak Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (SLOVSEFF III.).

The objective of SLOVSEFF Program is to support industrial energy efficiency development, renewable energy and residential energy efficiency projects.

Following the successful completion and validation of each project, a client will receive an incentive payment calculated (on a basis of the future carbon abatement potential of the project) as a percentage of the disbursed loan amount.

The incentive payments can be following:

  • Industrial energy efficiency and renewable energy projects: 5-20 % of the loan amount
  • Residential energy efficiency projects: 10-15% of the loan amount (the energy savings difference has to be 30-40% before and after rehabilitation)

The SLOVSEFF Program is intended for private companies, housing management companies or flat owners associations, energy service companies (ESCOs) or other private legal entities conducting business under the Slovak laws.

Other conditions:

  • maximum loan amount is EUR 2,5–10 mln. EUR (depending on the type of the project)
  • minimum loan amount is EUR 20 000 EUR
  • Internal Rate of Return of the project must reach at least 8%
  • loans are denominated in EUR
  • no other grant support can be provided for the same project

The technical assistance for the client from the side of the Project Consultant and Verification Consultant is provided free of charge.

You can apply for the EBRD investment loan within the SLOVSEFF III. Program at any corporate branch of VÚB, a.s. or contact directly your relationship manager.

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