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You save while utilizing a more favorable exchange rate

You will eliminate the exchange rate risk for non-cash transactions in a foreign currency

Deposits in a foreign currency are interest-rate and always available without any obligation

Funds in a foreign currency are safely stored on your account, you do not have to hold cash

The account can be set up in three foreign currencies (USD, CZK, GBP).

You can choose from a variety of products and services for your account, through which you will manage your finances in a foreign currency.

Choose one of the international debit cards, you can pay for goods and services anywhere in the world, and access cash through a network of ATMs around the world. With the Nonstop Banking service, you'll get an overview of the current balance, transactions made, and you can place foreign currency transfers. You will also be informed of the balance and movements on your account by a paper statement sent to your address, and you can choose the frequency of sending yourself. There is also a large network of VÚB Bank branches, where you can set up individual products and services to your account as well as deposit and withdraw cash in a foreign currency.