Residential houses

A quick and easy way to increase the quality of your housing.

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Other benefits

  • not using the full loan amount free of charge;
  • a loan up to 100% of the investment made;
  • refund of already paid invoices up to 30% of the total loan amount;
  • the possibility of refinancing a loan already provided in another bank;
  • the option of repaying the loan in annuity or standard instalments;
  • the option of choosing a variable or fixed interest rate;
  • one-time or gradual use (drawdown) of the loan amount;
  • an individual approach to the provision of services related to the maintenance of accounts and handling of payments;
  • arranging for a loan as early as in 3 days;

Simple security

  • without any costs of registration in the Notarial Central Register of Pledges (Liens);

USE THE OPPORTUNITY TO OBTAIN A NON-REFUNDABLE GRANT OF 10-15% OF THE LOAN VOLUME if the loan is financed or co-financed by a credit line of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)!

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