3 major pillars

We present to you three key pillars that are ready for private banking customers.

3 major pillars


Your contact is a private banker representing VÚB who takes you through all the steps you need to manage your assets. Your private banker is always ready to assist you to make working with the bank as efficient as possible. He or she is primarily responsible for executing your transactions promptly and discretely, satisfying all your requirements for quality financial products and services.

Everything is done continuously to make it as easy as possible for you to communicate with your bank and to relieve you of any asset management associated obligations.


VÚB has an entire team of financial specialists working to get the most out of your money. Their many years of experience in this area guarantee that your money will be always working for you as efficiently as possible.


Your needs and goals are unique. For this reason VÚB’s approach is to see you as an individual. With a thorough knowledge of your specific requirements, opportunities, knowledge and investment experience, VÚB will suggest the most appropriate asset maximization strategy for you after you complete an investment questionnaire.

VÚB’s investment strategy incorporates different types of money market instruments, with you in full control over your assets at any time.

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