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We offer fast and easy financing for administrators of residential houses or associations of flat owners. The funds provided may be used, for example, for renovation, modernisation, reconstruction work on residential houses, or implementing energy-saving measures.

ikona karty

Term to maturity up to 25 years

ikona checkbox

The account for repair funds is administered free of charge

ikona nákupný košík

The credit account is administered free of charge

Ďalšie informácie

Additional information

  •  Partial drawing on the loan is not subject to a fee
  •  Loans provided for up to 100% of the implemented investment
  •  Refund of invoices paid for up to 30% of the total loan amount
  •  Option to refinance loans provided by other banks
  •  Selection of annuity or standard loan repayment
  •  Selection of either variable or fixed interest rate
  •  One-off or gradual drawing on funds
  •  Individual approach to providing account administration and payment transaction services
  •  Loans can be processed in as little as 3 days

Simple security

  • Without the cost of recording in the Central Notarial Register of Rights of Lien
  • Blocking in the repair funds account up to the amount equal to 2 monthly instalments of the loan principal
  • Blocking of insurance settlement

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OBTAINING A NON-REFUNDABLE GRANT IN THE AMOUNT EQUAL TO 10–15% OF THE VOLUME OF LOAN if the loan is financed or co-financed from a line of credit provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development!

If you are interested in the loan, contact your closest corporate branch.