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Insurance for more than 15 types of risks

Investment or risk variant

Insurance for children as well


Risk variant Investment option
Risk coverage (death, disability, injury or illness). Risk coverage (death, disability, injury or illness) and creating a financial reserve for the future.

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Transparency Discounts and bonuses Damages for pain and suffering
You will get detailed information on the use of each euro. You will get a 4.76% discount on an annual payment or an investment bonus of 25% for every 5 years. In addition to standard coverage you get damages for pain and suffering for free up to € 200.

We offer life insurance in cooperation with Generali Poisťovňa, a.s.

What can I insure

Children’s additional insurance

Orphan's pension

  • Regular monthly income for a child in the event of a parent's death. Up to the age of 25.

Serious diseases

  • We cover up to 34 of the most common serious childhood illnesses.


  • fee Income you will receive during the care of your child after 11 days.


  • of premiums in your long-term inability to work, we reimburse the premium for you