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As an exceptional client you deserve an exceptional access


Join the world of tailored solutions..

Are you looking for exceptional care? Do you want to skip waiting in line and prefer an individual approach?

You can solve your requests confidentially, in a quiet environment and exactly when you need it.


Magnifica brings you:

  • A package of personalised services to your liking 
  • Services at premium branch offices -  Magnifica Centres, as well as other branch offices providing the Magnifica service
  • A personal banker , who adjusts to your time possibilities and arranges a meeting with you at a specific date

Find the contact details of branch offices in which we will provide you with the care and the services of your Magnifica personal banker here.

Personal banker

Enjoy your own personal banker who knows about your financial needs and helps you deal with them.


  • A certified personal banker will adapt to your requirements and set up an effective Financial Plan with you
  • The personal banker is a partner, who will be in regular contact with you and inform you in time about everything that is important regarding your finances
  • He/she is a professional, who acts fairly and confidentially, guides you through the world of finance and helps you secure yourself materially for every life situation

Financial plan

Thanks to a tailored financial plan, you will be able to better divide your finances and meet your goals faster.


The financial plan will enable you to get a closer look at your financial situation:

  • We'll give you an overview of the current key situations of your financial portfolio
  • We'll show you the best ways to meet your plans and goals
  • We will recommend you to get the most out of your finances and inform you about the opportunities for investment
  • We will advise you on how to obtain money for your living in the most favourable way

It is only up to you which options you will use. Of course, financial planning includes a regular update of your current life situation.