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VÚB Loan

Do you want your dreams come true? With VÚB loan, you can start right now. Your personal banker ensures that it is arranged in the shortest time and with the most favourable interest rate. We will prioritize your request.

You can find more information on VÚB loan here.

CURRENT OFFER: Ask for a loan from € 15,000 with an interest rate of only 5.90% p.a.

You will be refunded at a rate of 100% for granting a loan after 18 months

VÚB Mortgage

Thanks to Magnifica care, you can get the resources for your living effectively and preferentially. Your personal banker provides you with:


  • A personal banker will provide you with professional advice on housing finance.
  • You can leave the cadastre errands on us.

Get a favourable interest rate. You can choose from a wide range of interest rate fixations. Currently also easier repayment with a new Mortgage Savings Account with favourable interest rate

You can find more information on mortgage here.