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As an exceptional client you deserve an exceptional access

VÚB Magnifica Account

A modern account for demanding clients.

Get the flexibility with VÚB Magnifica Account and a unique programme "Reward for Loyalty", which gives you the service completely free of charge.

Within the account, other products and services are also automatically included, the composition of which we can redefine according to your needs.

Learn more about VÚB Magnifica Account here.


Visa Inspire Gold

Enjoy the benefits of the prestigious embossed gold card and contactless payment.

With VÚB Magnifica Account, you can use the Visa Inspire Gold debit card free of charge.

Learn more about Visa Inspire Gold here.


MasterCard World Credit Card

Are you ready for the benefits of the World Credit Card?

We have prepared for you the MasterCard World embossed credit card with contactless functionality for 3 years, as well as other benefits in the form of insurance, rewards for payments or entry to airport lounges.

That's still not everything! Learn more about the MasterCard World Credit Card here.


Electronic banking

Simple and immediate access to finance.

With the mobile application of VÚB Banking you can manage your funds anywhere and exactly when it suits you only using your mobile phone.

Take advantage of everything that the VÚB Banking mobile application offers you:

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  • displays information about your personal banker and branch
  • lets you schedule an appointment with your personal banker at a time that suits you
  • will allow you to turn your personal banker into the branch that suits you best
  • displays an overview of Magnifica's benefits, including useful information about products, services and promotions
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Využívajte všetko, čo vám mobilná aplikácia VÚB Banking ponúka:

  • Paying your bills conveniently through Scan&Pay
  • Simple saving with Daily Savings
  • Instant account balance viewing using the Quick Balance button
  • Activation and temporary deactivation of cards
  • Creation of payment partners to speed up payments
  • Creation of your own QR code with payment details
  • Viewing accounts, cards and other products
  • Setting up selected products online


Learn more about the mobile banking optionshere.