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The SELF-GOVERNMENT account package consists of accounts which we have tailored to the requirements and needs of the municipalities (towns and villages). Purchasing the entire package is by no means a condition, and it is only up to you which of the advantages of the three accounts you want to use.

A SELF-GOVERNMENT current account is intended for the daily administration of the finances of your municipality (village or town). By means of a SELF-GOVERNMENT savings account you can appreciate your available financial resources without having to be bound by a commitment. A SELF-GOVERNMENT fund account is specially designed to receive funding for projects from the EU funds.

Benefits that will make it easier for you to manage the finances of your municipality (village or town):

  • preferential fees for selected services associated with the maintenance of accounts;
  • convenient financial management by means of the business banking service under favourable conditions;
  • flexibility in appreciating available funds while maintaining their availability where necessary.