The Annual General Meeting of VÚB Approved the Dividend Payout

Today, The Annual General Meeting of VÚB has decided that dividends from VÚB profit for the year 2016, amounting to EUR 5.55 per share with the nominal value of EUR 33.20, will be paid to shareholders. The decisive date for determining person entitled to dividend payment as the holder of the share of VÚB, a.s.  was set by the General Meeting to be 21 April 2017. The entitled shareholders shall exercise their right to dividends from 12 May 2017 based on the duly applied right to dividend payout in accordance with the method approved in the resolution of the General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting (GM or the General Meeting) of VÚB approved the 2016 Annual Report, the Separate Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements for 2016 prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards as adopted by the European Union and approved also the amendments to the Articles of Associations as presented by the Bank´s Management Board. Concurrently the General Meeting approved the company KPMG Slovensko spol. s r.o. to be the external auditor of the bank for 2017.

GM decided also on the distribution of profit for 2016 amounting to EUR 265,171,063.99, of which approximately 30% was allocated to shareholders´ dividends and approximately 70% to the retained earnings in line with the proposal of the bank´s Management Board.

2016 profit distribution
   Dividends to Shareholders 72,020,143.19 €   
   Retained earnings 193,150,920.80 €   






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