Term Deposits

Effectively increase the value of your available funds with VUB term deposits

We bring you a wide range of investment products that will effectively appreciate your invested money.

Kombi product

Distribute your investment in VUBAM mutual funds and a term deposit in the EUR currency with the term of 12 months and a favorable interest rate up to 2.00% p.a. in the term deposits.


Term deposit

A term deposit is an account designed to appreciate available money. Your finances are advantageously appreciated and at the same time you are not limited, because it provides the option of early withdrawal...


Flexideposit extra

Flexideposit extra is a term account providing interesting appreciation and access to savings at any time during the term of the deposit...



Structured deposits

RIO structured deposit is an innovative structured product that guarantees a stable yield combined with the possibility of obtaining even more attractive bonus appreciation...



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