The advantages of saving with this product are safety, inexpensiveness and clarity. Money deposited in a passbook is protected under the Deposit Protection Act.

You can choose a demand passbook, a notice passbook, or a children passbook where you get additional benefits, if you want to save for your child. To get a passbook, only the minimum opening deposit of EUR 6.00 is necessary.

    5 reasons to get a passbook
  • the possibility of regular saving
  • simple access to cash
  • attractive yield
  • constant overview of the saved amount (thanks to the passbook)
  • you may deposit money in a passbook at any time

In accordance with the Price List of VÚB, a.s. for citizens valid from 1 February 2015, EUR 3.00 is charged for passbook cancelation.

Children passbook

This passbook is intended for children under 18 (it is at disposal of a legal representative). The accumulated money is not blocked and in addition to the basic interest you can get also additional interest and accident insurance.


Passbook without fixed period

This passbook is an appealing option for targeted saving. It is a product that gives you the option of advantageous saving without any limits...



Passbook with notice period

Passbook with notice period is the traditional way of saving. All transactions are clearly recorded in the passbook.
You can specify notices for various amounts and maturity dates according to your needs...


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