Kombi product

Ideally tuned investment

Distribute your investment in VUBAM mutual funds and a term deposit in the EUR currency with the term of 12 months and a favorable interest rate up to 2.00% p.a. in the term deposits.

  • advantageous investing in VUBAM mutual funds VUBAM World Edition and VUBAM Active Bond Fund
  • advantageous interest rate up to 2.00% p.a. in the 12-month term deposits in EUR
  • minimum total investment only € 1,000*
  • deposits in the term deposit are protected under the Deposit Protection Act
  • combination of funds in one Kombiprodukt is not allowed


The product is a combination of two products - investment in two VUBAM mutual funds as VUBAM World Edition and VUBAM Active Bond Fund and a 12-month term deposit in the EUR currency at advantageous interest rate (valid only for the first term)

  • minimum one-time investment amount: € 1,000*
  • entry fee for VUBAM Active Bond fund is 1% of the investment in units, for VUBAM World Edition 0% for entry fee
  • the amount you want to invest is divided into 2 parts using the 1:2 ratio, i.e. 1/3 is deposited in the term deposit and 2/3 in VUB AM mutual funds

If you apply for a payment or transfer of your funds invested in VUBAM mutual funds within Kombiproduct during the first term of the term deposit, you will pay a fee in accordance with current fees of VUBAM, and the advantageous interest rate in the 12-month term will be reviewed and changed to the rate valid on the day of term account opening.

*it is divided using 1:2 ration (€ 333 into the 12-month term deposit + € 667 into the VUBAM mutual fund)


Investment in mutual funds is connected with a risk. The value of investments can increase, stagnate or even decrease and return of the initially invested amount is not guaranteed. Statuses, prospectuses and key information for investors in mutual funds VÚB Asset Management, správ. spol., a.s (VUB AM) are available in the Slovak language at the registered office of VUB AM and the depository, at all branches of VÚB, a.s., and at www.vubam.sk. Within the Kombiproduct offer it is possible to invest in funds VUB AM World Edition, VUB AM open-end mutual fund; VUB AM ACTIVE BOND FUND, VUB AM open-end mutual fund; In accordance with the approved statuses of VUB AM mutual funds, the proportion of securities or money market instruments issued or guaranteed by states specified in statuses of individual mutual funds may exceed 35% of the value of assets in the fund, up to 100% of this value. In accordance with approved statuses, the investment policy of the corresponding VUB AM mutual funds may comprise mainly of investing in other assets, such as transferable securities and money market instruments.

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