Flexideposit extra

Flexideposit extra is a term account providing interesting appreciation and access to savings at any time during the term of the deposit.

What are unique features of Flexideposit extra?

  • interest rate guaranteed for the entire term
  • the possibility to withdraw a part of the money free of charge
  • the opportunity to appreciate the yield already after a year
  • the deposits is protected under the Deposit Protection Act


• the minimum deposit starting from EUR 99

36, 42 or 48-month term

free opening and maintenance of the product

• interest rate guaranteed for the entire term

yield is credited annually on the date of opening

• the option to annually early withdraw up to 20 % of the deposit free of charge, on any day

• the option to make additional deposits

Price list

For information about prices please see the currently valid price list.

Interest rates

Interest rates valid from 1 September 2016

Flexideposit extra* (in % p.a.) 36M 42M  48M 
from EUR 1 0.10 0.10 0.10
Flexideposit extra - additional deposits** (in % p.a.) 1M  3M  6M 12M  24M
from EUR 1 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.05  0.10


* Annual early withdrawal from a deposit account up to 20% of the deposit is without a penalty fee (for more information related to the early withdrawal without penalty, see Business Terms and Conditions of VÚB, a.s. for Maintenance of Flexideposit Extra).

In the case of early withdrawal exceeding 20% of the deposit, the penalty involves the loss of accrued interest by the date of withdrawal up to:

  • 1,080 days in the case of a deposit with the term of 36 months
  • 1,260 days in the case of a deposit with the term of 42 months
  • 1,440 days in the case of a deposit with the term of 48 months (up to 540 days for accounts opened before 31 August 2012)

The bank is entitled to deduct the penalty fee for early withdrawal from the principal, if the interest was credited before there actually was entitlement to the interest.

** An interest rate depending on the next lower period remaining until the deposit maturity is assigned to an additional deposit made during the term of Flexideposit extra.


On 1 December 2014 you made a deposit of EUR 1,000 into your Flexideposit extra. You can withdraw up to 20% of the deposit, i.e. EUR 200 at any time during each term year (i.e. until 30 November of the following year). It is also possible to withdraw up to 20% of each additional deposit or paid interest*).

*) If you do not apply for its transfer to a current account

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