Saving account

Savings account is a demand account in EUR, enabling you quickly and easily save your available money at advantageous interest rate compared to a standard current account. The savings account is a product that you can choose in the Flexiaccount or Account for the young - Start Generation. Money in the Savings Account is protected under the Deposit Protection Act.

Benefits of the Savings Account

  • advantageous interest rate
  • no fees for account maintenance and payments
  • the option to set up additional services Flexitransfer and Flexisaving

Flexi saving

What is Flexisaving?

  • saving in small amounts from money in client’s Flexiaccount or Start Generation account when making card payments
  • rounding of each amount of purchase according to client’s request to the whole EUR 1, 5 or 10 and free transfer of this difference to the Savings Account with advantageous interest rate
  • convenient saving without a notice period and fees
  • simple access to money through Flexiaccount or Start Generation account

How does it work?

Example of Flexisaving, if a client decide to pay with a payment card with rounding to whole EUR 5. Your savings per month may look like this:

Payment with a card for Amount for one purchase Saving for one purchase
5× purchase of food € 27.26 € 2.74
Dinner at a restaurant € 13.21 € 1.79
2× purchase of hygiene products € 16.48 € 3.52
New T-shirt € 22.19 € 2.81
2× petrol/diesel € 31.67 € 3.33

Flexi transfer

What is Flexi transfer?

automatic transfer of funds from an Fexiaccount or Start Generation to a Savings Account

How does it work?

  • you choose the minimum amount you need to have available in your current account; you can have the remaining part automatically transferred to your Savings Account with a favourable interest rate
  • you can choose any amount of the automatic transfer rounded to whole tens of euros at any time
  • no fees are charged for payments made through the automatic transfer, i.e. transfers are free for the current account as well as the Savings Account

Interest rates

Savings Account for Flexiaccount/Start Generation % (p.a.)
Balance <= EUR 30,000* 0.50
Balance > EUR 30,000* 0.01

* Split rate - a type of the interest rate where individual layers of account balance pay a different interest rate. An amount up to EUR 30,000, including, pays the interest of 0.50% p.a. and an amount exceeding EUR 30,000 pay the interest of 0.01% p.a.

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