Retirement savings


The topic dealt with by state, media and of course by those concerned the most - citizens.

The fact is that the pension scheme granted by the state through the Social Insurance Agency is unsustainable in the long-term and the pension paid from it usually does not exceed 46% of the income in the working age.

Another fact is that discipline and regular saving for retirement is the necessity in order to keep a certain standard of living.

But what product to choose from such a wide range? Definitely the one optimized for retirement. The one that is advantaged by legislative (tax) and best supported by your employer through contributions beyond your wages.

You no longer need to look for it. We did it for you. The answer is the Supplementary Retirement Saving from ING Tatry - Sympatia.

For whom is the saving intended?

What is supplementary pension saving?

The supplementary pension insurance has existed for more than 15 years and represents the third pillar of the pension scheme. Nowadays more and more citizens who have assumed responsibility for their retirement save in it.

Overview of the pension scheme pillars

  • 1st pillar - pension insurance (Social Insurance Agency)
  • 2nd pillar - retirement saving (VUB Generali)
  • 3rd pillar - Supplementary pension saving (ING Tatry – Sympatia)

Can I become a client too?

Yes, if you are at least 18.
If you decide to save yourself, the minimum amount of your monthly contribution is only € 5. If also your employer will contribute to your saving, employer’s maximum contribution is not limited.

General information

What is an optimized product?

  • You can get a contribution from your employer, which is usually in the same amount as your contribution. After all, to what other your product does your employer contribute? In addition, employer's contribution to your saving is deductible from employer's tax.
  • Choose one of three supplementary pension funds. Choose a strategy that suits you best and if your preferences will change, you can change the fund free of charge.
  • Receiving of funds has never been so diverse. Receive regular retirement benefits, apply for a one-time settlement or a payoff. Moreover, pension benefits without credited yields are not taxed. (Entitlement and method of payment is determined by the related benefit plan HERE)
  • Maximum protection of your money. It is your property during the whole period and can be inherited. And all of this under the supervision of the National Bank of Slovakia.

How do I know if my employer contributes?

If your employer has concluded an employer contract with ING Tatry - Sympatia, it is entitled to contribute. The amount of a contribution usually is a specific percentage of your gross salary (or rather of the assessment salary base).
Our employees at any VUB branch will be glad to provide the information on whether your employer has a contract and therefore contributes.

I want to know more.

Our employees will welcome you at any branch of VÚB, a.s. and will explain the conditions of the product as well as a way for applying for employer’s contributions to your saving. We will provide you with all information also on the information line: 0850 123 000.

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