Children passbook

The children passbook is intended for children under 18 (it is at disposal of a legal representative). The accumulated money is not blocked and in addition to the basic interest you can get also additional interest and accident insurance.

5 reasons to get a passbook for your child

  • you save advantageously for your child
  • you can get higher interest (basic + additional)
  • you are not limited, because money is not blocked by the notice period
  • you protect your child
  • you do not take any risk and your deposits is protected under the Deposit Protection Act


free passbook opening*) and maintenance

• with saving in a passbook, you have constant overview of the saved amount

• advantageous interest rate is paid on the deposited money and the yield is paid annually on 31 December

• you will get 100% additional interest if you do not make any withdrawal from the children passbook, including withdrawal of interest

• children passbook is opened for more than one calendar year

• if there is average daily balance of EUR 700 in the given month for at least 15 calendar days, your child automatically gets free accident insurance

*) To open a children passbook, it is necessary to submit an original copy or a notarized photocopy of the child's birth certificate and the identity card of the legal representative at a branch.

Price list

For information about prices please see the currently valid price list.

Interest rates

Description Rate
Basic interest 0.40
Basic + additional interest (additional interest = 100% of the paid basic interest) 0.80
* The client you will get the additional interest, if no withdrawal is made from the children passbook during the calendar year, including withdrawal of interest, and the passbook has been opened for longer than 1 calendar year.

If a client meets the conditions of the average daily balance of EUR 700 in the given month (for the total number of days in that month) and this average balance for the total number of days in that month has been in the passbook for least 15 days, the client will get a free bonus in the form of accident insurance.

Interest rates valid from 1 May 2016

Accident insurance for a children passbook

It is accident insurance for a child, which includes the following insured events:

  • permanent disability caused by an accident
  • daily compensation for the period of necessary treatment of the accident, which is paid out for each day from the 8th day of accident treatment
  • insurance against fractures1)
Insured event Coverage
Permanent disability EUR 1659.70
Daily compensation for treatment period form the 8th day EUR 1.33/day
Insurance against fractures1) EUR 33.19/EUR 16.60

More information about the accident insurance for a children passbook can be found here.

Explanatory notes:

1) Insurance against fractures is only for children aged up to 18.

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