Mortgage for housing

Do you want to buy, build or modernize an apartment, house or cottage?

VÚB Mortgage is designed for you.

What is VÚB Mortgage?

  • a purpose loan collateralized by a property,
  • you can use it to refinance purchase, construction or modernization of an apartment, a house as well as a holiday cottage,
  • you can draw money as soon as conditions specified in the loan contract have been met,
  • you can choose conditions according to your needs not only when taking out the loan, but we will adapt them to your current situation during repaying period.

Why choose VÚB Mortgage?

  • you can design the loan to your liking
  • you will save on interest and fees
  • you submit only minimum documentation
  • you can repay special installments up to 20% per year free of charge

How will my monthly installments change

It is up to you what interest rate fixation period you choose. You can fix the interest rate for 1, 3, 5 or 10 years. The interest rate and monthly instalment amount can be calculated using the calculator.

Our tips for VÚB Mortgage

Think of more pleasant things and leave loan installments to us. You will not have to watch the calendar so you will not forget to pay an installment anymore. Set up a direct debit and instalments will be paid automatically and in time.

VÚB Mortgage will adapt to you throughout the repayment period. You can increase or decrease monthly instalments or you can change the mortgaged property for another.

Ask also for information on advantageous mortgage insurance on a property or a household that can protect you in case of unexpected situations.


in years
Period during which your interest rate will not change
Amount of monthly
If you are interested in a more detailed offer, please complete our contact form below.

This calculation is only informatory. Monthly repayment for the selected mortgage type   euro (without the state subsidy) and maturity period   in years is   euro. Interest rate from   % p.a. The future value of the loan is   Eur. For more information about the current offer, visit any branch of VÚB.
This calculation is only informatory. Monthly repayment for the selected mortgage type   euro and maturity period   in years is   euro. Interest rate from   % p.a. (the state subsidy applies to first 50 000 euro of the mortgage loan). The future value of the loan is   euro. For more information about the current offer, visit any branch of VÚB.


To download

Documents required for granting a mortgage:

Application for Fleximortgage
Proof of Income (SL)
Proof of Income (AL)
Proof of Income (GL)
Authorization to Sign the Application
Pledge over Property Insurance

Price list

For all fees related to the Mortgage for housing, refer to the current price list.

Interest rates

Fixation Interest rate
1-year fixation from 1.29%
3-year fixation from 1.29%
4-year fixation   from 1.29%
5-year fixation from 1.29%
6- year fixation from 1.69%
8-year fixation   from 1.99%
10-year fixation from 2.29%



What documents do I need to present to the bank when applying for Fleximortgage?

You need to present proof of identity and proof of your current address with the application. You do not need to prove your income, the bank will verify it with the Social Insurance Agency. You need an expert opinion for the mortgaged property. If you do not have it or you do not know which expert to contact, the bank itself can elaborate the property evaluation. You also need an insurance policy - insurance of property against damage or destruction. Since a mortgage is essentially a purpose loan for property financing, you have to prove the purpose of the loan. Documents for the purpose (e.g. sales contract, building permit, project and construction budget, contract for work, etc.) are differentiated according to specific purposes. For more information about documents contact mortgage specialists at our branches.

Is it possible to arrange installment deferment with the bank? If so, under what conditions and for what fee?

Currently it is also possible to defer principal installments or reduce monthly installments for up to 24 months after childbirth.

More detailed information: legislative changes effective from 1 January 2015 allow any applicant who is at least 18 and not older than 35 on the date of application for a mortgage, as well as in the case of loans with granted state contribution, to defer principal instalment or reduce monthly payments for up to 24 months after childbirth. The change applies to all types of Fleximortgages, i.e. also loans where borrowers are not recipients of the state contribution or loans collateralized by properties.

Clients have to apply in writing for the aforementioned change in contractual conditions not later than 3 months after childbirth and a birth certificate of the child must be enclosed with the application. Only clients who have not applied for deferment of principal instalments for 5 years from the provision of the loan and from the start of interest accrual may apply for this change in contractual conditions. Together with the application for the change of contractual conditions in accordance with this clause it is also possible to apply for the extension of the maturity period, without exceeding the maximum maturity period of the loan (i.e. max. 30 years or 360 months).

Who can apply for Fleximortgage?

A citizen of the Slovak Republic or a foreigner with permanent residence in the Slovak Republic or abroad.

What Fleximortgage amount and maturity period can be provided?

  • at least EUR 6,600
  • the maximum amount depends on the type and value of the mortgaged property and the ability to repay the loan
  • the minimum repayment period is 4 years
  • the maximum repayment period is 30 years

What administrative fees apply for mortgage in the Land Register?

Overview of fees for service of Land Register  
Fee for issuing a title deed (on paper) EUR 8
Fee for issuing a copy of the cadastral map EUR 8
Fee for submitting a proposal for registration of the pledge to the Land Register EUR 66
Fee for submitting a proposal for urgent registration of the pledge to the Land Register (the Land Register will register the pledge within 15 days of submission date) EUR 265.50

The fees are paid directly at the Land Register via fee stamps. We recommend buying fee stamps in advance, because Land Registers do not sell them.

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