Refinance loans

Change your old loans for a loan from VUB Bank and pay less.

  • loan drawing up to Eur 25,000
  • quickly, easily and without unnecessary documents

Pôžička s odmenou za vernosťYou can save also with a loan. Take out our loan with a loyalty bonus and we will reward you at the end if you repay duly.

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I want to repay loans from other financial companies   
Amount of repaid loans from other companies
Insurance covering your ability to repay a Flexi Loan will protect you and your relatives in the event of unforeseen life circumstances such as death, loss of employment, incapacity for work or permanent disability.
Basic insurance package: risk of death, permanent disability, incapacity for work
Extended insurance package: risk of death, permanent disability, incapacity for work and loss of employment
Monthly repayment
including premium
Monthly repayment including the premium   €, of which the premium   €.
Interest rate  % p.a., RPMN  %, number of repayments  . The total amount to be paid by you
is   €. Up-front fee   €. The offer is only informatory.


Why refinance?

When repaying several loan products, you have to remember each month to pay all the installments in time and in the correct amount. If you merge all loans into one, you will make only one installment monthly. In addition, if you set up repayment through direct debit, your will only need to ensure sufficient funds in the account.

Benefits of refinancing

  • You can repay unlimited number of loans
  • option to increase the loan by the non-purpose part
  • loan amount of € 500 - 25,000
  • maturity of 13 - 96 months
  • for clients aged 18 to 73

Procedure for refinancing

If you want refinance your current loan or several loans, you can carry out the whole process comfortably at our branch. To save time and to take out the new loan soon as possible, see the list of necessary documents to bring with you below.

Recommended documents according to the type of refinanced loan:

  • Consumer loan: a loan contract
  • Credit or installment card: a card account statement (which may also be from IB) or the loan contract
  • Overdraft on current account: a contract on establishing an authorized overdraft or a current account statement for which the overdraft is established (may also be from IB)
  • Loan from a non-banking company or leasing: a current confirmation of the loan balance

If you need advice on your situation before visiting a branch, do not hesitate to contact us.

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