Insurance to payment cards

Insurance of ability to repay a credit card protects you and your family against occurrence of unexpected life situations such as death, loss of a job, incapacity to work or permanent disability.

Main benefits of the credit card insurance:

  • insurance cover throughout the credit card maturity
  • simple conclusion directly on the application for a credit card
  • the client pays premiums only in case of credit card spending
  • possibility to insure also against loss of a job
  • if an insured event occurs, the insurance company will repay your debt in the card account or will pay monthly installments for you

How can I insure a credit card?

  • you can choose one of two insurance sets directly in the application for a credit card
  • you just need to sign the application to take out the insurance
  • premium is charged together with the minimum monthly installment

We offer you two insurance sets:

  • Insurance set A - risk of death, permanent invalidity, incapacity to work
  • Insurance set B - risk of death, permanent invalidity, incapacity to work and loss of a job

The insurance may be taken out by all clients under 65 who meet insurance conditions specified in the general insurance conditions.

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