Compulsory contractual insurance

Compulsory liability insurance for damage caused by a motor vehicle is required by law for all owners of cars. It protects you against a situation in which you cause an accident resulting in damage, whether to property or health.

  • compulsory contractual insurance from € 63 per year
  • choose 1 out of 3 risks from car insurance FOR FREE*
Compulsory contractual insurance (CCI) offers one of three risks from car insurance FOR FREE*
Collision with animals covers damages caused by collision with any animals, domestic and wild, in the territory of Slovakia
Pothole covers damage to rims and tires due to bad condition of roads in the territory of Slovakia
Accident covers the risk of death, permanent consequences and necessary treatment of injuries of all transported persons
In addition, a discount for experienced drivers (the higher the age, the better the price)
vehicles older than 12 years
selected car makes and models
Other risks within CCI (the option to purchase):
Windscreen covers damages caused by vandalism, theft, natural disaster and accident, i.e. also a windscreen broken by a flying rock
Theft insurance covers to the motor vehicle as well as its components
Element covers damages caused by fire, hail, floods, storms, falling tree, falling pole, landslides, avalanche
Amortization reimburse the difference between the total cost of vehicle repairs and insurance benefits paid from the CCI of a person who caused the insured event

* can be applied only in case of extra coverage Automatik PLUS

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