Car insurance SOS Partner

If you are traveling, it is good to have help at hand in a crisis situation. SOS Partner is a device that will bring help to your location when your car is immobile. In addition, it also evaluates your driving style, allowing you to make significant savings on your car insurance.

  • a discount on premium regardless of the driver’s age - advantageous price also for young drivers
  • initial discount of 5% on car insurance and 10% on compulsory contractual insurance
  • according to driving style, an option to get discount on the premium for CCI up to 20% and for car insurance up to 10%

SOS Partner

Zariadenie SOS PartnerWith the SOS Partner device, you are safe on the road. In the event of a car accident, the device can bring help on the basis of your GPS coordinates or to provide service intervention. It also records your driving style and rewards drivers who drive responsibly. You can view the recorded data online on the Good Driver website.


  • vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes
  • the age of the vehicle max. 12 years
  • normal use

SOS Partner User Manual


Where can I conclude insurance?

You can conclude SOS PARTNER vehicle insurance at selected VUB Bank branches. The insurance is concluded in a bundle with CCI and AUTOMAX car insurance, and you will automatically get initial discount of 5% on car insurance and 10% on compulsory contractual insurance.

Is the installation of the SOS Partner telematics device free of charge or do I have to pay for it?

Installation of the device is free of charge, but you have to use the services related to this device so you can enjoy all the benefits, especially discounts based on the results of your driving style. Uninstalling the device from the vehicle costs EUR 36. After uninstalling the device, the client will receive a demand for payment of this amount.

Where can I find the nearest installation service for SOS Partner?

Installation services are a part of the offer generated in the web application in the event that the additional insurance SOS Partner is being concluded. More information about the installation service can be also provided by the contact centre of the insurer.

How can I arrange for installation date of the SOS Partner telematics device?

Immediately after the insurance contract has been accepted and the payment of the first installment of the premium has been made, a contact centre operator in charge will contact the client in order to agree the date and the location for installation of the telematics device.

I have installed the SOS Partner telematics device: When and how will I get login data for the Good Driver website?

Login information for the Good Driver website will be sent via SMS or e-mail within one day of the installation of the SOS Partner telematics device. If you have not received it, please send an e-mail to and specify in the request that you need your access information for the Good Driver website.

How does the road assistance work in the event of a serious accident?

In the event of a serious accident, the SOS Partner telematics device will automatically send an alarm to a qualified operator who will try to contact you through the speaker in the telematics device in the vehicle. If you confirm that you need help or if you do not respond, the road assistance will be sent to your location.

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