The payment system allows you to make credit transfers and payments in EUR or a foreign currency through banks or other financial institutions. VUB bank offers you services of the domestic as well as international payment system. Rich experience and high quality of services in the field of international payments have been awarded by major financial institutions such as JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank AG and American Express in recent years.

SEPA payments

SEPA platby

SEPA payments are payment transactions carried out on the basis of a payment order given by a payer or a beneficiary to a payment service provider in order to transfer money from a payment...


Foreign payments

Zahraničné platby

VUB foreign payment system includes: processing of credit transfers sent to VUB from abroad, processing of credit transfers sent from VUB abroad or to other Slovak bank in a foreign currency...


Contactless payments

Bezkontaktné platby

With the VISA Inspire Wave 2 Pay, payments are made quickly and easily. To pay for lunch, movie tickets, or at a shop, you do not have to reach for your wallet anymore, you just need to...


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