Service Kontakt

With the Kontakt service, you have immediate access to your accounts, selected services and you can enter banking transactions, because the service is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in Slovakia or abroad at phone number:
0850 123 000 in Slovakia,
+421 248 555 970 from abroad
In order to successfully log in, you only need your ID, password and a mobile or token to authorize transactions (authorization SMS, Mobile Token).


  • make payment orders, set SMS/e-mail notifications, set limits for security elements
  • an option to obtain information on interest rates, exchange rates and products
  • take out loan products over the phone without the need to visit a branch
  • availability without the need for data connection


Accounts and payments

  • enter a single or a foreign payment order, standing and automatic transfers, and set a direct debit
  • check the current balance and account transactions
  • payment confirmations can be sent to client’s e-mail
  • set statements for an account

Payment cards

  • block payment cards
  • deactivate and activate payment cards
  • information about transactions made with payment cards
  • set notifications for payment cards


  • conclude a contract on VUB loan via phone
  • conclude a contract on Flexidebit via phone

Information about products

  • information about banking products
  • counselling
  • current information on interest rates and exchange rates

Other settings

  • activate SMS and e-mail notifications of transactions in an account
  • block security elements and generate new security elements
  • arrange a meeting at a branch

Setting up

You can get the Kontakt service at any branch when you set up the Nonstop Banking service, in which the Mobile Banking service is included. The Nonstop Banking service can be set up for free. When you set up the Nonstop Banking service, you automatically get access to all Nonstop Banking services for free:


You can login to the Kontakt service using:

  • an identification number (ID)
  • selected positions from the password or PIN (a client can choose authorization via a password or PIN)
  • in the second step the client confirms the login with an one-time security element generated with Token, Mobile Token or a code from SMS authorization.


My password to login to the Internet Banking has been blocked. What should I do? Do I have to go to a branch?

When a password used to login to Nonstop Banking services has been blocked, it is not necessary to visit a branch. You just need to call the KONTAKT service, where a new login password will be generated while you wait after you have been correctly identified. If you have forgotten/lost a PIN code used for phone identification, it is possible to generate new login elements via phone only if you have defined a security phone number, in the form of an SMS message. Otherwise, it is necessary to personally visit any VUB Bank branch.

What payment amount can be entered through the KONTAKT service?

A payment from own account can be entered up to the amount of the remaining daily limit for the safety element used to confirm the payment. However, if a payment is entered from an account of another owner (i.e. an account for which you have the authorization to make payments), you can enter the payment up to the amount of the remaining daily limit for the safety element used to confirm the payment, and at the same time up to the amount of the remaining daily personal limit defined by the account owner.


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