VUB Account Magnifica

VUB Account is a modern and flexible account without limits. The account includes perfect default products and services. However, if you decide to modify the composition of the account at any time, you can change its components for others and combine them according to your needs. Moreover, if you use the account actively, we will reward you for loyalty with a discount on the fee.

Loyalty bonus

It pays off to be active. Use also other products of VUB Bank and you will get 100% discount on the fee for current account maintenance.

How to get a discount on the monthly fee for account maintenance?


use Internet Banking or Mobile Banking once a month

Použite Internet banking alebo Mobil banking


monthly income at least € 1000


use some of our products.

Zľavy z poplatku za bežný účet

VUB products with which it is possible to apply the discount

What does the VUB Account Magnifica contain

  • VISA Inspire debit card
  • mobile payments / VISA Inspire Wave2Pay
  • unlimited payments with the VISA Inspire card
  • unlimited withdrawals from ATMs of VUB Bank
  • unlimited payments through a standing order, automatic transfer or SEPA direct debit
  • one-time online payments
  • SMS notifications about transactions in the account
  • authorized overdraft
  • up to 5 savings accounts
  • branch operations 


Savings account

Benefits of the Savings Account

  • advantageous interest rate
  • no fees for account maintenance
  • up to 5 savings accounts can be opened
  • each savings account can be named according to the purpose of saving
  • the option to set up additional service Flexisaving or Flexitransfer


  • automatic saving for each payment with a debit payment card
  • rounding of each amount of purchase according to your request to the whole EUR 1, 5 or 10 and free transfer of this difference to your savings account

Price list

For all fees related to the VUB account, refer to the current price list.

Interest rates

Do you want to know what interest is paid on your money in a Flexiaccount and Savings Account? See our interest rates.


Do I have to change the old Flexiaccount to the new VUB Account/VUB Account Magnifica?

Clients with Flexiaccounts do not have to open a VUB Account/VUB Account Magnifica; clients can continue to use the existing Flexiaccounts, however, it is not possible to open new Flexiaccounts.

What is the advantage of new accounts in comparison with Flexiaccounts?

New accounts are modern accounts that have retained the unique flexibility with a new benefit - Loyalty Bonus. We recommend products and services included in the VUB Account/VUB Account Magnifica to our clients, but each client is unique and therefore is free to change the content of the account according to the current requirements and needs.

How can I reduce the price of VUB Account/VUB Account Magnifica?

Thanks to the new benefit - Loyalty Bonus, you can reduce the fee for account maintenance by half or get it for free, if you use the account actively and use also other bank products. You will get the 50% discount for example when at least EUR 500/1000 is credited to your account monthly, you log into the Internet Banking or Mobile Banking once a month and have at least two more selected products in VUB. For detailed information on the Loyalty Bonus refer to Price List.

When will the benefit be credited to the account?

The Loyalty Bonus will be credited to the client’s VUB Account/VUB Account Magnifica within 15 calendar days in a month following the month, in which the Loyalty Bonus conditions were met.

How do I change my Flexiaccount to VUB Account /VUB Account Magnifica?

You just need to visit any branch of VUB Bank, where our employees will be happy to help you to choose the best account for you. You will be able to benefit from advantages of the VUB Account/VUB Account Magnifica from the following month and the account number will of course remain the same.

How much does the account change cost?

The account change is free of charge.

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