The Accounts for Young People

Are you a young person aged 8 to 26? You are sure to choose the right account for you from the Accounts for the Young offer.

  • Start Junior
  • Start account
  • Start Generation

You just need to complete the form and we will take care of everything else.       



Have you celebrated your 8th birthday? So you are big enough to have your own bank account and learn to handle money.

What will I get?
Start JUNIOR includes basic banking services:

  • account maintenance in EUR
  • summary account statement once a year sent via post
  • VISA Inspire payment card
  • internet banking set up for your parent (legal representative)
  • as a bonus: advantageous interest rate on the account balance

In addition, you will get for free:

  • all cash deposits at a VUB Bank branch
  • the first 2 cash withdrawals at ATMs of VUB Bank each month
  • all payments credited to the account

Can a primary school pupil have own account?

Of course. If you are 8 or older, but younger than 15, the Start JUNIOR is for you. Parents can send your pocket money to your account where your money will be safe. We will also give you a card, so when you need cash, you can simply withdraw it from an ATM. And furthermore, as in any "grown-up" account, interest will be paid to your account.

How do I open an account?

First, ask the parents and if they agree. If they do, they will open an account for you.

How much will it cost my parent?

Nothing. Star JUNIOR is a free service. Account opening and maintenance is free of charge.



Are you 15 to 24 years old? So you must have a Start ACCOUNT! Are you a student? So you will have it for free!

Why open a Start ACCOUNT?
We begin with advantages you will get FOR FREE:

  • account maintenance in EUR (if you are not a student, you can have advantages of the Start Account for favourable € 2.00 per month)
  • VISA Inspire with the Visa Inspire Wave 2 Pay contactless sticker
  • express payments through the VÚB VIAMO application directly to a phone number
  • clear Internet banking with convenient access via computer, tablet, or mobile phone
  • all transactions through Nonstop banking, or the KONTAKT service through automatic voice service)
  • cash withdrawals from more than 600 ATMs of VUB Bank throughout Slovakia
  • all cash deposits at a VUB Bank branches
  • entering of standing orders (e.g. for a mobile phone, school fees or fees for a residence hall)
  • moreover: if you somehow do not have enough money and you are 18 or older, we can also lend you a few euros! In the jargon of bankers - we will provide you with authorized overdraft

Use your Start ACCOUNT actively and you will be insured for free!
Have at least € 100 sent to your Start ACCOUNT, make 6 transaction monthly (e.g. payments through VUB VIAMO, a contactless sticker, a payment card or ATM withdrawals) and we will insure you for free against:

  • loss or theft of documents
  • theft of keys
  • theft of a bag
  • theft of a wallet
  • and misuse of the SIM card from a lost or stolen mobile phone

Can also I have the Start ACCOUNT?

Sure! We have Start ACCOUNT for everybody aged 15 to 24. Whether you are a student or not, the Start ACCOUNT is always advantageous for you. We have created it so that it has everything you need.


Start GENERATIONSweet school times are over, but can continue to enjoy the account for the young. For those aged 25 - 26 (until you are 27), Start GENERATION provides support when entering working life.

What is included in Start GENERATION?

  • account maintenance in EUR
  • monthly electronic statement through the Internet Banking service or personally at a branch office
  • summary account statement, once a year sent via post
  • VISA Classic or VISA Inspire payment card
  • entering of standing orders
  • modification of standing orders entered electronically/through a Kontakt operator
  • KONTAKT service
  • Internet banking
  • Mobile banking
  • authorized overdraft on the account
  • all transactions through Nonstop Banking (one-time transactions that you made through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or the KONTAKT service via the automatic voice service)

In addition, we will give you FOR FREE:

  • first 6 cash withdrawals from ATMs of VUB Bank
  • first 6 payments with a payment card at a merchant
  • all cash deposits at a VUB Bank branch
  • if you want, you can get Savings Account with more favourable interest rate
  • Flexisporenie service

At my age, I need to think about the future and start to save!

That’s wise! We therefore offer you Flexisasving thanks to which you can save painlessly:
  • automatic saving when making payments with a debit card issued for the Start GENERATION account
  • rounding of each amount of purchase either to the whole EUR 1, 5 or 10 and free transfer of this difference to the Savings Account with advantageous interest rate

You have easy access to the money through the Start GENERATION account. See an example of how to save easily.

Card payment for Shopping value Savings for one shopping
5x grocery market 27,26€ 2,74€
dinner in restaurant 13,21€ 1,79€
2x drug store 16,48€ 3,52€
cinema 22,19€ 2,81€


For whom is the Start GENERATION?

For the young aged 25 to 26 (until the age of 27), graduates of secondary schools and universities and people who start working. You can use modern banking services with favourable conditions even after graduating from school.


It is a super card with a dual function - a debit payment card and also discount card EURO <26. In this way, you can use the whole network of the EURO <26 discounts and benefits in Slovakia and Europe, participate in competitions and events and enjoy extra benefits of the Start GENERATION.

Become our client

Change bank easily and safely

What is current account transfer?

It is a transfer of a current account form an old bank to VUB Bank together with features such as recurring payments and payment orders with future validity.

How to do it?

Step one

Visit any VUB Bank branch and open one of the accounts for the young. VUB offers you accounts exactly according to your needs and wishes.

Step two

Complete the Application for Account Transfer. It will be easy, our employees will be happy to help you.

Step three

You do not have to go to the old bank anymore. If you want us to take care of everything related to the cancellation of your account in the old bank, have your signature on the application officially verified. We will of course return the fee for verification to you. We will inform you about the account transfer via SMS messages or e-mail, co that you are constantly informed about what is happening in your account.

Step four

Done! It was easy and now you can enjoy the benefits of your new account. We have taken care of everything that was necessary for you.

Benefits of transfer of your account to VUB Bank:

  • you do not have to go to your old bank anymore
  • we will take care of the account transfer for you, simply and safely
  • we will refund the fee for notarization of the signature

* VUB Bank does not charge any fee for submitting the Application for Account Transfer and we will reimburse the fee for official verification of the application.

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