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Frequently asked questions

What documents do I need to arrange a loan with a bonus?

To arrange a loan with a bonus you will only need one proof of identity. If you are refinancing your loans, it is recommended to bring along the loan agreements for disbursements. Loan without proof of income – we can verify your income through the Social Insurance Agency.

When do I get the bonus for the loan?

You get the bonus in the form of a 2% discount on the interest rate immediately when you draw your loan, which means that from the beginning of repayment you will pay lower repayments.

How much can I borrow?

VÚB loans are provided from €500 to €25,000, depending on the assessment of the applicant's ability to repay the loan.

I have a consumer loan with another bank; how can I transfer it to you?

Just visit any of our branches and ask for a loan for the repayment of your existing loans. In this case, we recommend that you also bring with you the contract documentation for the loans you want to refinance.

Are extra repayments of the loan allowed?

You can make an extra repayment at any one of our branches. The fee for this change will be charged based on the current pricelist.

Is it possible to defer loan repayments?

In the case of an adverse life situations you can request a deferral of repayments during which you do not have to pay your monthly repayments. Just visit any of our branches.

Can I change the payment day for my loan repayments?

As part of changes in the terms and conditions you can change the day of your monthly repayments or the way you make repayments at any time.

What is the SBCB credit register?

The credit register is a register of information on credit products of clients of the participating banks. Information obtained from this register is used in assessing the client's ability to repay the loan.

Can I also repay the loan early? For what fee?

Your loan can be repaid early at any time. The fee will be charged based on the current pricelist.

How do I calculate monthly loan repayments?

Our bank specialists will help you choose the optimum amount for the loan repayments at any branch of VÚB. For the calculation you can also use our loan calculator on the web.

What can I finance using a loan with a bonus?

The loan with a bonus is a non-purpose loan, so you can finance anything that you want or that you need. Use the loan for a car or refurbishing your home. Equally you can pay off consumer loans from other banks or non-bank companies, credit cards and overdrafts.

What conditions must I meet for the return of the loan provision fee?

In order for the loan provision fee to be returned to you after 18 months, you only need to send 2 times the monthly loan repayment(s) to your VUB loan repayment account, if you have multiple loans with this benefit.