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Modern contactless payments by mobile phone

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Payments without an Internet connection

Main advantages of the card

Do you not want to take your wallet with you everywhere? Free
A contactless sticker is a practical helper for contactless payments. You can stick it on your mobile phone or keys and pay wherever you need it. You have unlimited payments at home and abroad free of charge at the POS terminals.


Safely Wave2Pay application
Card misuse insurance (automatically included in the card price) covers losses in the event of the loss, misappropriation and misuse of your card. Download the Wave2Pay application and manage your sticker online. An overview of payments paid with the sticker as well as the possibility of temporarily deactivating or activating the sticker. The contactless sticker application is available for iOS and Android.

In addition, you will also get

Detailed information

Visa Inspire Wave 2 Pay

  • Debit card in the form of a contactless sticker


Contactless functionality:

  • Yes

Validity of the card:

  • 5 years

Daily card limit:

  • 10 to 1 000 €

Insurance included in the price of the card:

  • Insurance for the misuse of a sticker