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Convenient contactless payments

Secure payments on the Internet

Intesa Sanpaolo Group ATM withdrawals free of charge

Insuring electronics against theft

Main advantages of the card

Anywhere in the world, whenever you need it, Visa Inspire Gold will give you access to resources on your account around the world and bring you many benefits.

Secure payments Insuring electronics against theft ATM withdrawals free of charge
You can additionally confirm the card payments on the Internet with the Nonstop banking security feature (so-called 3-D Secure). Sites that require additional confirmation for card payment are marked with the MasterCard®SecureCode or Verified by VISA. Insurance is automatically part of your card. Pay for your tablet or notebook with your Visa Inspire Gold card and automatically secure them for the upcoming year against theft up to € 600.  Within Intesa Sanpaolo countries, you can withdraw cash from ATMs free of charge. ATMs of the group can be found in Albania, Egypt, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy and Ukraine.


In addition, you will also get

Detailed information

Visa Inspire Gold

  • International debit embossed Visa card


Contactless functionality:

  • Yes

Validity of the card:

  • 5 years

Daily card limit:

  • € 2,000 to € 18,000 Insurance included in the price of the card: Insurance for the abuse of the stickers

Insurance for the abuse of the stickers:

Insuring electronic equipment against theft

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Ako zablokovať kartu v prípade straty alebo krádeže?

Pre zablokovanie karty sa prihláste do Vášho Internet Bankingu, alebo Mobil bankingu a zablokujte si kartu ihneď v sekcii Karty. Prípadne oznámte stratu, alebo krádež na 24-hodinovej službe KONTAKT, ktorá zabezpečí jej okamžité zablokovanie. Číslo telefónu: 0850 123 000 (zo zahraničia +421 2 4855 5970) ,ak nemôžete podať oznámenie vy, môže tak urobiť aj iná osoba.