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Exclusive insurance worldwide for up to 5 passengers

You can wait in the comfort of the VIP LoungeKey Airport Lounge

We will refund you for every card payment

By using it you will get a discount of up to 100% off the fee

Moreover, we will issue three additional cards for your loved ones free of charge with your Mastercard World Master Card.

Main advantages of the card

The Mastercard World credit card is the only "golden" card that has been awarded the Gold Coin in the Credit Card category for two years.

Extended warranty insurance Insurance protection of goods Rewards in the Mastercard Priceless Specials program
You will get plus 1 year beyond the statutory 2-year warranty. Insurance covers cases if you inadvertently damage or destroy an electrical appliance. It will help you if the goods were accidentally damaged, destroyed, stolen or damaged or destroyed when trying to steal them. Get money back from the value of each payment in selected stores in the Mastercard Priceless Specials program.

In addition, you will also get


Detailed information

Mastercard world

  • International contactless embossed credit card.

Validity of the card:

  • 3 years

Type of credit:

  • Revolving (you can re-withdraw what you pay off).

Credit limit (combined for the main card and any additional card):

  • 1 500 - 20 000 €

Daily cash withdrawal limit:

  • 2000 €

Interest-free period:

  • Up to 43 days. It applies to cashless card payments.

Basic interest rate (annual):

  • 17.90%

Interest rate penalty (annual):

  • + 5%

Najčastejšie kladené otázky

Ako zablokovať kartu v prípade straty alebo krádeže?

Pre zablokovanie karty sa prihláste do Vášho Internet Bankingu, alebo Mobil bankingu a zablokujte si kartu ihneď v sekcii Karty. Prípadne oznámte stratu, alebo krádež na 24-hodinovej službe KONTAKT, ktorá zabezpečí jej okamžité zablokovanie. Číslo telefónu: 0850 123 000 (zo zahraničia +421 2 4855 5970) ,ak nemôžete podať oznámenie vy, môže tak urobiť aj iná osoba.