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  1. Frequently Asked Questions: See if you can find an answer you are looking for

    Despite enormous effort to assist all VUB Bank clients in Slovakia and abroad, our Contact us service (0850 123 000, is not currently able to process all your requests in the short term.

    For this reason, we have drawn up a list of the most frequently asked questions and problems our clients encounter and refer to when trying to get in touch with our call centre assistants.

    This list is being continuously and regularly updated. We would kindly like to ask you to first check whether you can find an answer to your question here.

    FACEBOOK: Please keep in mind that regarding basic, non system information that does not require the assistance of our call centre team, you can contact us on Facebook Click here to contact us on Facebook We are doing our best to ensure that you receive answers to questions regarding common banking services as quickly as possible.

  2. All information on the deferral of loan product repaymentsIf you are considering a request for postponement of instalmentsdue to the decline in wages or sales, caused by the challenging times we’re all experiencing and the precautions against COVID-19, before taking action, please read the provided information. VUB bank is here to assist and advise you with the whole process.
  3. See an overview of banking services you can handle without visiting a branch – IB, MB and paymentsBy means of Internet Banking and Mobile Banking, VUB bank enables you to handle a wide range of banking services from the comfort of your home.
    Complaints are often closely related to payments, therefore, in this article, you can also find advice on handling a complaint. At the same time and especially in connection with the current situation, we want to draw your attention to staying alert and avoiding purchasing from suspicious websites or retailers.
  4. VUB branch banks, opening hours, and health protection measures.Our approach is particularly responsible given the state of the pandemic. For this reason, we have adjusted the opening hours of our branches and prepared measures to protect the health of employees and clients.