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Frequently Asked Questions: See if you can find an answer you are looking for

Dear clients,

In view of the current situation, we would kindly like to ask for your cooperation. Despite enormous effort to assist all VUB Bank clients in Slovakia or abroad, our Contact Us service (0850123000, is not currently able to process all your enquiries in the short term.

For this reason, we have drawn up a list of the most frequently asked questions and problems our clients encounter and refer to when trying to get in touch with our call centre assistants. This list is being continuously and regularly updated. We would kindly like to ask you to first check, whether you can find an answer to your question here.

We believe that this will take the strain off our Contact us service as much as possible, so that we can support those in the most vulnerable situations and with the most urgent requests. We are continuously working on innovations that could be a useful improvement for our clients. Thank you very much, we are happy that you are with us.


De/activation, cancellation, card reissuance after cancellation a changing the limits of your bank card   
For more information on banking services you can handle online or via Mobile Banking, without having to visit our branch bank, please click HERE

Using Internet Banking or VUB Mobile Banking you have full control over your cards.

- if you are not sure, whether you have lost your card or perhaps only left it somewhere, and you think you might find it, we recommend that you temporarily deactivate it. Once you find it, you can easily reactivate it.

- If you suspect a loss or theft, we recommend blocking the card and afterwards, you can immediately request a reissue

- You can increase your withdrawal and payment limit yourself

- you can change your internet limit at any time and free of charge

- you can activate and deactivate contactless functionality, even several times a day, as needed

- You can receive PUSH notifications for all transactions (free of charge) or SMS (for a fee of EUR 0.15 or maximum of EUR 1 per month)

•  Deferral of loan product repayments
For more information regarding deferral of loan product repayments please click HERE

Due to increased interest, this process can now be completed from the comfort of your home. We will announce everything in time.

 Payment claims
Learn more about claiming payments related to travel permits, flight tickets, concert tickets, sport event tickets etc. as well as internet payments (non-delivery of goods) HERE

In connection with the pandemic, tourism and other services have been significantly reduced. If you are trying to resolve a refund for these services, you must first contact the company through which you purchased the service. Should this company refuse to return funds, contact your bank and provide all supporting documents - tickets, booking confirmation, other documents and communication with the merchant. If a company promises a refund for services or goods, such a refund should be completed within the next 15 days. Each company provides information on how to request a refund on their website.

  The value of funds and investments

In the event of a fall in the value of funds in crisis situations, such as the current situation, termination of contracts is not recommended. In such situations, it is worth investing, for you get more at a lower price. Of course, long-term profitability must be expected.

Volatility is a common part of long-term investments - Occasionally, there are situations in the market, when investors react nervously to changes in the economic, political or business environment. Inevitably, such investor behaviour causes stock market volatility. Financial markets are also prone to over-response to events disrupting the short-term outlook of the financial market development.

If an investor is initially prepared for a period of volatility during an investment, they are less surprised if such a situation occurs and is therefore more likely to act rationally. It is important not to react emotionally, taking into account the long-term investment horizon that allows for short-term volatility. Such an approach allows investors to take advantage of lower purchase prices, instead of losing out when selling, influenced by emotions, at low prices.

Investors, who remain invested in the long-term, benefit from long-term upward trend in the equity markets. If investors try to time the market and start to “step in and out” of their investments, they can risk future returns by their “absence” on the market during the days with the most significant recovery.

Diversification of investments helps to achieve more balanced returns - Especially during a volatile period, it is important that your portfolio is spread over several types of asset classes. For example, a variety of risk assets (equities, credit, etc.) and defensive assets (cash, government bonds, investment grade bonds) can help reduce portfolio fluctuations and allow you to achieve more balanced returns over time.

  Cash withdrawal notification  

Withdrawing large amounts of cash from a bank is not justified, both for security reasons (to have a large sum of ready money with you at a store or at home) and also for hygiene reasons (cash handling); all shops and e-shops that are in operation prefer non-cash payments via bank cards. Such payments can be controlled and managed by the client via IB/MB and are supervised by the bank (preventing abuse).