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Discover the wide range of shopping options

No matter whether you are making non-cash payments in a domestic or foreign currency, in Slovakia or abroad. Via Internet banking, Mobile Banking, Contactless or Mobile.

I can shop anywhere without difficulty

I shop every day safely and comfortably in stores or on the internet

  • Wide selection of debit cards
  • Credit cards with many benefits

I don’t have to take my card out anymore when paying

For safe, contactless payments, all I need is a contactless sticker which I have everywhere with me.

  • Without a wallet - fast and secure
  • Contactless payments up to 20 € without a PIN

I need to settle up with friends quickly

I can send money directly to a phone number immediately without knowing a bank account number or by scanning the QR code.

  • Payment amount up to 500 € per day
  • High security of payment

I have online purchases at the tip of my fingers

When shopping for products or services on the Internet, my login data is sufficient for Internet banking and the code from the SMS, Token or Mobile PIN

  • Fast and convenient purchases
  • Payments in Internet shops all over Slovakia