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Most frequently asked questions

Which cards can be added to payments with Apple Pay?

Currently you can add every debit card with Visa logo to the Apple Pay service.

Is the Apple Pay service secure?

Yes, every payment with Apple Pay on your iPhone, iPad and Mac requires verification with Face ID, Touch ID sensor or a verification code. There is no way how to make a payment without verifying it first. Your physical payment card number is not shared with the merchant. When you add a card to your device a unique card number (token) is assigned to the card and this token is used when making any payment. Your physical card number is not stored on your device.

Are there any fees charged when using Apple Pay?

No, Apple Pay is free and there are no additional fees related to the service.

Can I add multiple cards into Apple Pay?

Yes, you can add multiple payment cards issued to the name of the specific holder into Apple Pay.

Can I add one card to multiple devices?

Yes, you can add one payment card to multiple different devices of the specific payment card holder.

Which devices are compatible with Apple Pay?

You can find the list of devices compatible with Apple Pay service on

Do I have to lock Apple Pay in case my phone is lost?

In case your phone is lost or stolen, please report this to your bank immediately and ask the bank to lock your tokens exactly as you would do in case your physical payment card is missing. You can suspend or permanently delete the option to pay with Apple Pay using a specific device on the Apple ID account page or using the feature „Find my iPhone.

Can I use Apple Pay in online shops?

You can pay with Apple Pay in stores and on the web if the merchant provides such option.

How can I disable receiving confirmations of transactions sent by Apple?

If you want to change this setting, go to the Apple Wallet app, locate the card details and there you can toggle the option „Allow Notifications“ on or off.