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How is secure login guaranteed to the Internet banking?

To log in, you have to enter your ID and password. If based on the evaluation of our Dynamic Risk Assessment System your login attempt is secure, you will logged in to the Internet banking without additional authentication.

If an increased risk is detected, you will be required to verify your identity by entering a one-time security code (Mobile PIN, SMS Authentication, Token, Mobil Token).

How to increase internet safety?

Log in to the Internet banking only via the official URL Do not open emails from unknown recipients, suspicious attachments, or unknown links embedded in messages. VÚB Bank will not ask you under any circumstance to your password, card number, or any personal information by email. Do not download suspicious software to your computer or smartphone, and do not log in to the Internet banking using public network connection.

How to avoid phishing and online fraud?

You may receive emails that look like official emails from the bank at first glance, but the actual address is slightly different from the real one. Always check the end of the email address, which e.g. might not end with .sk but with .ru instead.

Never reply to such emails and delete them immediately. If an email asks you to update your personal information (identity, login name, ID, password) and you are invited to open a link to do so, never click on such links.

The links used by the bank must always contain security features, such as a green lock icon appearing in the browser window or or the secure “https” protocol at the beginning of the page URL.

Physical token

The hardware token is a physical transaction authentication device provided by the bank . Type the code from the authentication screen and enter a PIN. The Token will then generate an 8-digit code that you type in back to the appropriate field.

The hardware token is recommended to clients who perform a high number of transactions and look for greater safety than what the SMS authentication method can offer, or who travel abroad often without stable internet connection.

Dynamic Risk Assessment System

The system is active throughout your entire Internet Banking session and based on data comparison, the system evaluates whether an additional authentication method is required to ensure the security of your operations. Thus it makes the use of Internet Banking faster, easier and much safer.

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