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Personal loan and credit cards

If you’re entitled to a pre-approved loan offer, you can find you can find the details of the offer under the ‘Loans’ tab of the Internet banking. Click on ‘My Pre-Approved Loans’ to discover more about the favourable offer. Through Internet banking you can apply for a FlexiLoan, a Flexidebt, or a credit card of your choice. Access the funds you need quickly without going to the branch and without any additional fees.

Savings and investments

Find the savings and investment options suitable to you easily online through to the new Internet Banking. As a first step, fill out our Investment Form so that we can have a clear picture of your investor profile and preferences and then find the savings products or mutual funds which best suit you in the blink of an eye. Keep your investment and savings accounts, the status of your investment funds and the related transactions constantly under your control.

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