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We offer you premium opportunities to evaluate your money and secure your future.

We manage your finances in a comprehensive way based on your needs and set goals.

Prior to making important decisions, we recommend that you set up a personalised Financial Plan with your personal banker to prepare tailor-made solutions.


Mutual funds

VÚB AM mutual funds


Eurizon AM foreign mutual funds


Your satisfaction is first and foremost, so it is our core value to achieve the best evaluation of your investment.


By investing in mutual funds, you have the opportunity to evaluate your finances, or preserve their value, which is exposed to the impact of inflation.


Let your money be evaluated by a team of experts for domestic as well as foreign mutual funds.


Combi Product

For your convenience, we have an optimal investment for you.

Combi Product  brings you a combination of a term deposit and selected VÚB AM mutual funds.


The Combi Product offers you:

VUB AM Investment Saving

Think of your future.

Evaluate your finances as best as possible by regular investing in VÚB AM mutual funds throughVÚB AM Investment Saving.


With VÚB AM Investment Saving, you can also: