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As an exceptional client you deserve an exceptional access


We offer you premium opportunities to evaluate your money and secure your future.

We manage your finances in a comprehensive way based on your needs and set goals.

Prior to making important decisions, we recommend that you set up a personalised Financial Plan with your personal banker to prepare tailor-made solutions.


Mutual funds

VÚB AM mutual funds


Eurizon AM foreign mutual funds


Your satisfaction is first and foremost, so it is our core value to achieve the best evaluation of your investment.


By investing in mutual funds, you have the opportunity to evaluate your finances, or preserve their value, which is exposed to the impact of inflation.


Let your money be evaluated by a team of experts for domestic as well as foreign mutual funds.


Combi Product

For your convenience, we have an optimal investment for you.

Combi Product  brings you a combination of a term deposit and selected VÚB AM mutual funds.


The Combi Product offers you:

  • a favourable interest rate on a term deposit of up to 3% p.a..
  • an efficient combination of two products with the possibility to simultaneously select multiple VÚB AM mutual funds
  • a minimum investment starting from EUR 1,000

VUB AM Investment Saving

Think of your future.

Evaluate your finances as best as possible by regular investing in VÚB AM mutual funds through VÚB AM Investment Saving.


With VÚB AM Investment Saving, you can also:

  • reduce the risk of incorrect timing of a one-off investment
  • change the amount of investment and investment strategy at any time
  • invest between EUR 20 and EUR 5,000 per month
  • exceptionally invest up to EUR 5,000 per month
  • save without an entry and exit fee (subject to a minimum saving period)


Savings and term deposits


Savings and term deposits with VÚB will allow you to:

prepare for unexpected expenses

create a financial reserve for anything

secure a better retirement


Savings account

A savings account will allow you to quickly and easily postpone and use free funds with a preferential interest over the current account of 0.40% p.a.

To your current account you can create up to 5 savings accounts free of charge and save money for anything.

Learn more here.


Savings account to mortgage

Create a financial reserve for extraordinary mortgage payments, early mortgage repayment or other ongoing expenses with the Savings Account to your mortgage with a bonus interest rate of 0.60% p.a.

Learn more here.


Old-age pension savings

Be active and get ready for retirement in the 2nd pillar with VÚB Generali d.s.s., a.s. and manage your money through a mobile phone app.

Learn more here.


Supplementary pension savings

The supplementary pension savings by NN Tatry - Sympatia, d.d.s.,, a.s. offers you a wide portfolio of supplementary pension funds, from which you can choose at your own discretion.

Learn more here.


Term deposits

Your money can be safely evaluated by term deposits in Euros as well as in foreign currencies.

We offer you the set-up and management of time deposits free of charge, protection through the Deposit Protection Fund and a fixed interest rate throughout the tie-in period.

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Life insurance

In cooperation with Generali poisťovňa, we bring you the unique premium life insurance of La Vita Exclusive.


La Vita Exclusive life insurance brings you attractive benefits:

  • bonus coverage up to 50% for selected risks;
  • increased limits of insurance sums for medical examinations;
  • variable insurance with both the risk and investment option
  • provides flexibility when changing insurance parameters - changes are possible after the first year of being insured
  • the possibility to insure multiple persons under one insurance contract

When setting up insurance and handling insurance claims, we will provide you with a  dedicated customer service and we will prioritise your requirements.

By setting up insurance you also get membership in the Generali Club - Loyalty Programme, which brings many other great benefits.

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