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Vyberte si z prémiových produktov s množstvom benefitov a navyše so zvýhodnenými úrokovými sadzbami.

Credit cards

Master Card World

Master Card World

  • Pecuniary bonus “Money back“. For each purchase made by your Master Card World, you will get 1% of the purchase value back.
  • Remuneration for payments. Use your credit card and get 100% discounts on the monthly fee. Pay by your Master Card World for your purchase of EUR 500 a month at the minimum and we will return you the fee.
  • No fees for ATM withdrawals in Slovakia and worldwide.
  • Contactless payments up to EUR 20 in Slovakia without the need to enter a PIN or attach your signature.
  • Insurance of the Mountain Rescue Service in Slovakia, insurance covering goods protection, personal injury cover, extended warranty and contactless payments cover.
  • Interest-free period up to 43 days
  • Elite program, within which you can benefit from, without charge:
    • free access to airport lounges in Prague and Vienna airports
    • advantageous offers of merchants
    • non-stop alarm center including concierge assistant, home assistant, medical assistant and car assistant services.

American Express Gold

American Express Gold

  • Priority pass, which open doors to VIP lounges at airports worldwide
  • above-standard travel insurance for you and your family
  • insurance covering goods protection and extended warranty
  • Home assistance – insurance and service package for your comfort
  • American Express select – merchants‘ discounts and advantages program in Slovakia and abroad


Life insurance

Our relatives, children and family are the fundamental meaning of our lives. Life and insurance have always been inseparably united in life insurance which gives us a feeling of higher safety and relaxation. In cooperation with insurance company Generali Slovensko, we bring you a unique investment life insurance La Vita Exclusive with priority protection and special client services without the need to wait for arrangement. In addition, the La Vita Exclusive life insurance brings:

  • special client service priority approach upon insurance contracts concluding and claims handling
  • Magnifica investment strategy with attractive funds for your investment intentions
  • increased insurance cover without a surcharge for selected insurance risks, including priority protection, serious illnesses, permanent sequelae, hospitalization and exemption from direct investment payment
  • membership in the Generali club, i.e. a loyalty program bringing many other great benefits

Mutual funds

Fond VUB AM Active MagnificaOur endeavor is to ensure the highest appreciation of our clients‘ investments. The endeavor to reach the best result is our basic value, we therefore create solutions which offer that possibility. We have created Magnifica funds in which the structure of assets dynamically adapts to the current development on the world financial markets. You do not need to follow development on the word financial markets, let the experts manage the appreciation of your money in actively managed funds.

Advantages of fund VUB AM Active Magnifica:

  • Expected profit - an opportunity to gain attractive profit on equity market with lower volatility than in similar investments.
  • Adaptation to the current development on financial markets - individual asset components dynamically change according to the model results and adapt to the current situation on financial markets. In the environment of slower growth and low profit, active investments management has a strong potential to go beyond the passively managed strategies.
  • Active assets management - when managing the investments, the fund uses active portfolio management and recommendations of the quantitative model, while the portfolio contains a dynamically changing structure of bond, equity and commodity assets.

More about fund Active Magnifica

Advantages of fund VÚB AM Flexible Magnifica:

  • Assets diversification - possibility to gain higher profit by investing on equity, commodity and bond markets.
  • Active assets management - 90% of assets in the fund are managed actively. The structure of assets dynamically changes according to the current development on financial markets and the experience of best portfolio managers of Intesa Sanpaolo Group is used.

More about fund Flexible Magnifica

Current account

VUB Account is a modern and flexible account without limits. The account includes perfect default products and services. However, if you decide to modify the composition of the account at any time, you can change its components for others and combine them according to your needs. Moreover, if you use the account actively, we will reward you for loyalty with a discount on the fee.

  • VISA Inspire debit card
  • mobile payments / VISA Inspire Wave2Pay
  • unlimited payments with the VISA Inspire card
  • unlimited withdrawals from ATMs of VUB Bank
  • unlimited payments through a standing order, automatic transfer or SEPA direct debit
  • one-time online payments
  • SMS notifications about transactions in the account
  • authorized overdraft
  • up to 5 savings accounts
  • branch operations
  • credit card Blue from American Express® with travel insurance and reward of 0.50% on each paymen

Loan products

Flexi mortgage

As a Magnifica client, you can get funds for your dream house thanks to the Flexi mortgage with advantageous interest rate. Your personal banker will take care of prompt arrangement without the up-front fee.

Flexi loan

Do you dream about a new car, vacation or rehabilitation of your apartment or house? We will make your dreams come true thanks to the Non-purpose loans. Your personal banker will take care of prompt arrangement without the up-front fee.

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