Internet dealing

Internet Dealing service enables you to negotiate conversions between your accounts (transfer funds from one account to another one in a different currency), exchange rates for foreign payments/collections as well as negotiate deposits from your account directly from your office.

VUB´s Internet Dealing is convenient, affordable and most of all fast online trading option without having to visit a branch or call a dealer with maximum safety guaranteed.

You need to have installed one of the standard web browsers Internet Explorer (the version 8 or higher) or Mozilla Firefox and the programming platform Java. The current version of Java is available here.

To start the applet click on Internet Dealing.

You can find the user manual here.

For more information please contact your relationship manager.


Ing. Lukáš Žitný
tel: 02/5055 9650, fax: 02/5055 2057, mobil: 0904/755 906,

Ing. Lenka Cyprichová
tel: 02/5055 9610, fax: 02/5055 2057, mobil: 0904/755 776,

Ing. Gabriela Gabarová
tel: 02/5055 9630, fax: 02/5055 2057, mobil: 0904/758 023,

Mgr. Zuzana Šikulová
tel: 02/5055 9620, fax: 02/5055 2057, mobil: 0904/758 005,

Mgr. Tomáš Cár
tel: 02/5055 9595, fax: 02/5055 2057, mobil: 0904/755 669,

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