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Affordable interest rate that can be fixed for one, three, five or ten years

No proof of income required

Also no proof of purpose required

Loan application reviewed within 3 days from submission of required supports

More information

You can take advantage of Profihypo lending products below:

  • Profi-Hypo - purpose loans
  • Profi-Hypo - non-purpose loans
  • Profi-Hypo - purpose loans for selected chamber members (e.g. Slovak Chamber of Dentists, Slovak Medical Chamber)

Profi-Hypo loans let you

  • invest in commercial real estate - acquiring real estate and either constructing or reconstructing buildings on the property
  • Consolidate existing loans in a single account
  • Invest in long-term tangible and intangible assets
  • Use 30% of any purpose loan without documenting the purpose
  • Use funds for anything without submitting a purpose of use in the case of a non-purpose loan

Profi-Hypo loan conditions

  • Legal entity or self-employed natural person
    • At least one year in business (one complete financial year)
    • Meets VÚB Banka‘s established creditworthiness criteria
  • Property value determined from an expert opinion prepared by a court expert. Expert opinion required to be prepared in accordance with Decree No. 492/2004 Coll. HYPO/determined general real estate value

Profi-Hypo loan security

  • Blank promissory note
  • Suitable local property:
    • Entered in the Land Registry
    • Transfer of property ownership rights cannot be limited to the property
  • Insurance cover for the property securing the loan and pledging to the bank of any claims paid by the insurance company.

Required documents

Documents required for evaluating the application:

  • loan application
  • tax return and financial statements for the last completed accounting period and possibly at the end of the completed half of the current accounting period

Documents necessary for securing the loan:

  • the value of the real estate is determined by the bank on the basis of an expert opinion prepared by a forensic expert. The expert opinion has to be prepared in accordance with Decree No. 492/2004 Coll. on the determining the general value of real estate in the HYPO software
  • Documents necessary following the loan approval:

documents proving the right to conduct business

  • documents regarding the purpose of the loan (in the case of a special-purpose loan)