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VÚB, a.s. provides loans from EBRD resources on the basis of the Support for the Development of Energy Efficiency credit line. It is possible to apply for investment loans under this programme:

SLOVSEFF III. (Slovakia Sustainable Energy Finance Facility) – focusing on the support for industrial energy efficiency

SLOVSEFF III. programme

VÚB, a.s. provides loans co-financed from EBRD resources on the basis of the Support for the Development of Energy Efficiency credit line (SLOVSEFF III. – Slovakia Sustainable Energy Finance Facility). The SLOVSEFF programme is focused on the support for industrial energy efficiency, projects in the field of renewable resources and residential housing. After successful implementation and verification of the completeness of each project, an incentive payment will be paid to the client calculated (based on an estimate of future CO2 savings that the project will bring) as a percentage of the amount of credit drawn down from EBRD resources.

The levels of incentive payments are the following:

  • industrial energy efficiency projects and renewable energy projects: 5 – 20% of the loan amount
  • energy efficiency of buildings – 10 or 15% of the loan amount (the condition is to achieve at least 30% – 40% savings in energy consumed compared to the original state)

The project is intended for private companies and ESCO-type companies (Energy Service Companies), which do not have a majority government stake and are not controlled by the government or another political, governmental and administrative entity. The project can also be used by residential buildings through associations of apartment owners or administrators and other private companies that carry out their activities in accordance with Slovak legislation.

Additional terms and conditions

  • the maximum loan amount is EUR 2.5 – 10 million (depending on the type of project)
  • the minimum loan amount is EUR 20 thousand
  • the internal rate of return of the project must be at least 8%
  • loans are provided in EUR
  • no other grants have been awarded for the project

Technical help and support are provided for the client free of charge through a project consultant and a verification consultant.
You can apply for an investment loan from the SLOVSEFF III. programme at any office of VÚB, a.s., or you can contact your relationship manager directly.
You can find more information about the project on the website