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Flexible repayment

MasterCard ELITE rewards

Convenience of airport lounges around the world

Travel insurance

Main advantages of the card


Convenience of airport lounges around the world  Up to 55 days interest free  Basic travel insurance package 
LoungeKey lets you conveniently use airport lounges located at Vienna-Schwechat (SKY Lounge, JET Lounge) and at Prague (MasterCard Lounge). It includes medical consultations, airport ambulance, delivery of drugs in emergencies and advice for lost luggage and/or travel documentation.
Entry to other lounges around the world is subject to a €24 fee.
Pay no interest on what you charge on your credit card for up to 55 days. The interest-free period applies to all non-cash payments. When traveling on business, you can quickly resolve a toothache, lost ticket or other similar inconvenience. Thanks to an extensive practical insurance package. Do you need special medication not available at the place where you are now? You can also rely on nonstop phone assistance. It includes medical consultations, airport ambulance, delivery of drugs in emergencies and advice for lost luggage and/or travel documentation

In addition you get

Basic product characteristics

Mastercard Business Gold

  • International embossed contactless corporate credit card


Lending type:

  • Revolving (what you repay, you can re-draw)


  • After 3 years

Credit limit

  • €2,500 - €20,000

Daily cash limit:

  • €2,000

Interest-free period:

  • Up to 55 days. Applies to all non-cash payments made with the card.

Base interest rate (annual):

  • 18,90 %

Penalty interest rate (annual):

  • Base interest rate (annual) + 7%


Conditions for issuing a MasterCard Business Gold corporate credit card:

  • Evidence of the business's existence for at least two years with authorization to do business/engage in activities in Slovakia or authorization by a self-employed person to do business lasting at least two years
  • For clients from other banks and VÚB clients at least a six-month history at VÚB: Current account statements from the client's main bank for the last six months and account-related information issued by that bank
  • Tax return for the most recent year
  • Financial statements for the last two fiscal years, with possible exceptions
  • Required submission of at least two proofs of identity of future cardholders (e.g. Identification card, passport, driving license)
  • Maximum age: 63 years.

Frequently asked questions

How to block your card if it is lost or stolen?

To block the card (e.g. if lost or stolen), call the 24-hour CONTACT service immediately at either *200 or 0850 123 000, or if outside Slovakia at +421 2 4855 5970. Or you can block the card through Internet/Mobil Banking/Inbiz.