Overdraft loan

If you need to have anytime at disposal enough funds even beyond the limit of your resources, we offer you an overdraft facility with a number of benefits.


  • Loan drawdown on current account up to the amount of defined debit limit
  • Cover your expenses from a current account; and should your funds be insufficient, the loan is automatically drawn, and it is continuously repaid from the incoming payments
  • Bridging of short-term fluctuations in the income part of your company
  • Drawdown only in the currently required amount
  • Interest charged only for the days of actual loan drawdown
  • Granted usually for a one-year period with a possibility to obtain the loan also for another period

Conditions for Loan Granting

  • Demonstrating the ability to repay the loan, including interest and fees within the requested maturity and under the terms and conditions agreed in advance
  • Loan purpose – the bank provides loan to cover operating needs related to business activity
  • Collateral for loan, including interest and fees
  • Additional conditions depending on the business nature, knowledge and credibility of the entrepreneur (e.g. notarial deed as power of distress on assets)
  • Should you be interested in loan granting, please, contact the nearest corporate branch.

Documents Required

  • Written Request for Loan, including complementary annex tables depending on the amount and type of the requested loan and the type of business entity
  • Documents demonstrating the authorization to conduct business activity
  • Financial statements for the latest two completed financial years and the most recent financial statements in the current year
  • Tax return, or income tax return
  • Documents to loan collateral


Interest Rate

The interest rate is floating, calculated as the sum of the base rate for business loans or of one-month EURIBOR, LIBOR or PRIBOR (depending on the transaction currency) and business margin. The business margin is determined by the bank individually for each transaction.


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