Factoring and forfaiting


Factoring is a special financial service accelerating Cash flows due to sale with postponed payments. This service creates for suppliers/buyers new access to funds, since the supplier does not have its capital locked in receivables and the importers may purchase the goods with postponed maturity.

VÚB Factoring, a.s. offers the following services:

  • Domestic factoring
  • Export factoring
  • Import factoring
  • Purchase factoring
  • Receivable Management

For more information click: www.vubfact.sk.


We offer forfaiting to finance your receivables covered by collateral. It is a purchase of receivables without recourse, i.e. the bank assumes a risk on part of a buyer. We will purchase a performing receivable up to 100% of invoice’s face value.
VUB Bank buys trade receivables, i.e. receivables that originated upon delivery of goods or services. The receivables must be covered by one of the following security and payment instruments:

  • documentary L/C
  • payment bank guarantee
  • promissory note avalized by a bank

Benefits for you

  • we will disburse funds to you immediately after a receivable originates
  • we will provide funds up to 100% of invoice’s face value
  • you will ease your balance sheet and accelerate cash flows
  • you will enhance your competitiveness in the market by providing a deferred payment (30 and more days)
  • buying a receivable we assume commercial and political risk of default
  • simple contractual documentation and fast approval process

If you are interested in forfaiting, please contact Export and Trade Finance Sub-department.


VÚB, a. s.
Sub-department 3801 – Export and Trade Finance
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Fax: 02/5055 2091

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